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Cub Scout Pack 4537
(Seabeck, Washington)
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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has."-Margaret Mead

Welcome to Seabeck, WA Cub Scout Pack 4537
chartered by: Crosby Community Club

Committee Chairman: Rosemary King

Cubmaster: Jeff Grisswell
Assistant Cubmaster: OPEN POSITION
Den Leaders
Lisa Burt (Webelos II)
Angie Griswell (Webelos I)
Rosemary King (Bear)
Mike Riffner (Wolf)
Rosemary King (Tiger)

We are in Seabeck, Washington!  We have 4 active Dens for boys in First through Fifth grade.

Tiger Den:
The Tiger Den is for boys who are in the first grade.
Wolf Den:
The Wolf Den is for boys who are in the second grade.
Bear Den:
  The Bear Den is for boys who are in the third grade.
Webelos Den:
Is a combined Den for boys who are in the fourth grade (Webelos I) and fifth grade (Webelos II)

We are currently holding weekly den meetings on Wednesday nights at 6pm.  Please contact us for locations.

:  As soon as you finish kindergarten, you're eligible to enter Cub Scouts on June 1.  Don't wait until the summer is here!  Register now so that you can attend Cub Scout Summer Camp in July!!

If you're interested in more information about our Pack please contact Jeff, our Cubmaster, at (360) 930-9761 or

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Seabeck Cemetary-Memorial Day Weekend


Gone…Almost Forgotten

by David "Wayne" King

If you take the time to look at the face of a Veteran, you may see sadness and weariness.  Look further, look very close into their eyes, and you may see something else…pride…strength…the knowledge that they carry the weight of freedom that has been handed down to them by those who have long ago passed.  Memorial Day carries with it celebration and memories.  As time passes, those memories may fade into nothingness.  We carry with us the responsibility to remember those fallen heroes, lest we forget the price of freedom.  In a quiet area off the Hood Canal is the resting place of some who have been gone and almost forgotten save for a few members of the community. 

Seabeck Cemetary houses almost 200 souls, six of which are Veterans from various wars.  Decades of growth are being removed by a local historian, Fred Just.  As his namesake would imply, Fred is doing what is right, acting on his principles by respecting those who made Seabeck our home.  Fred gives his time and energy to restoring headstones and gravesites, and for those who ask, a tour of the cemetery with stories of those who made this their final resting place.  On this weekend, Fred was joined by a small gathering of young men and their families, Cub Scout Pack 4537 from Crosby Community Club.  The Cub Scouts walked through the cemetery with Fred as their tour guide.  At the end of the tour, they returned to the grave sites of Veterans placing small U.S. Flags at the headstones.  They finished their visit with a small invocation by their Cubmaster on the significance of remembering our Veterans. 

“We stand here today to remember those who stood for us, and then fell for us.  Behind me are those who gave up everything so that you could have anything.  Remember them when you see the flag.  Remember them when you pledge your allegiance to the Flag that they fought to protect.”

As the Cub Scouts pledged allegiance to the Flag, their backs straight, their salute unwavering and their words strong and clear, they pledged silently in their hearts to never forget the Veterans resting before them.

On this day of decorations, this Memorial Day, remember those who gave everything so that we may have anything.

Meetings, Events, and Outings

Summer 2015 meetings, events, and outings:

June 3- Crossover

June 20- Island Lake CAST Fishing

June 26-27- Rainier's baseball game & Overnight

July 14-17 Webelos I & II Day Camp

July 21-24 Cub Scout Day Camp

July 25- Whaling Days Parade

August 8 & 9- Crosby Days

August 12- Webelos planning hike

August 22-23- Family Overnight

August 29- 3-mile Day Hike


Please be sure to log in to your account to view Den pages and our Event Calendar to stay up to date on our meetings and outings. 
If you don't have a log in account, please email us at so that we can set up an account for you.  Verification of membership of our Pack will be completed before any new accounts are created.

Service Projects

Our Pack has adopted Seabeck Cemetery!  The goal is to remove overgrowth, keep garbage out, and ultimately make it a nice place for family members to visit with their loved ones.  Join us in preserving this historic part of the community.

2015 Service Projects

  • Scouting for Food in April
  • Seabeck Cemetary Cleanup in May
  • Memorial Day Flag placement
  • Summer Day Camp in July
  • Whaling Days Parade in July
  • Crosby Day Parade and Bottle Rocket in August
  • Seabeck Cemetery Cleanup in October
  • Veterans Day  in November

Total Hours from Sept 2010-May 2011 Year- 78
.5 Hours
Total Hours for the June 2011-May 2012 Year- 130 Hours
Total Hours for the June 2012-May 2013 Year- 176 Hours
Total Hours for the June 2013-May 2014 Year- 250 Hours
Total Hours for the June 2014-May 2015 Year -325 Hours

Total Combined Hours: 959.50 Hours
Cub Scout Pack 4537 is located in Seabeck, Washington and chartered by the Crosby Community Club.
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